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February 15 - 20, 2022
Tulum Mexico

Restore & Renew with a week long retreat designed to take you on a journey of returning back to peace; back home to yourself. This is your opportunity to slow down and reassess. Through this journey you will find gratitude in the small yet incredibly significant things that keep us grounded in our human experience.

During this journey you will experience:


Deep Relaxation


Exploration + Adventure + Connection to Nature

Mindfulness + Healing


Community + Connection



You’ll arrive at the airport and be guided to a beautiful, luxury eco chic resort in the magical and mystical jungle in Tulum, Mexico. Vast salty beaches & plush green jungle; immersing yourself in the natural surroundings of paradise.


You’ll spend 7 days + 6 nights reconnecting to yourself, to nature and to the highest version of you. 


Each day will include: 

Lite Breakfast




60451e9ebf3f9b001ee043c3_Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation

You will be treated to a Mayan traditional massage, daily meditation, breathwork, relaxing beach walks, ocean swims and the resort pool. Release stress + boost your mood. You will learn how to call your energy back to you. This will allow you to reset and activate your body’s natural relaxation response.

Yoga Child's Pose


Each day we will move our bodies with intention. Yoga, Divine Flowga, Dance & Bike Rides. Discover joy, playfulness & healing. These practices are designed to empower you, open blockages & transform your body, mind & heart. Learn to express your different archetypes through energy + action.



Myan Clay Meditation + Sound Bath. Honor new beginnings and connect deeper with yourself and your intentions. Lighten your spiritual body while guiding you to your inner light. Sound healing focuses on rebalancing the vibrations of the body with nature. It mixes the music of sound bowls & instruments that synchronize with bio rhythms of nature cycles. We are in a vibratory world and our vibrations create our reality.

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Exploration +  Adventure + Connection to Nature

Together we will travel to the infamous Mayan Ruins & breathtaking freshwater cenotes. These experiences are included to give you insight to the sacred grounds with beautiful architecture and superior astrological knowledge. Adventure in nature provides mental clarity & excitement.


Mindfulness + Healing

Myself and other passionate teachers will be guiding you back to yourself. Through various practices & conversations we will be teaching you the benefits of mindful living. Classes & experiences will take place daily as an aid to guide you back home to yourself.



All meals are infused with organic, local & natural ingredients that are immune boosting. Your senses will be ignited with colors, smells, tastes and textures. Nurture your body with real food that will excite you and fuel you. *All food is tailored to meet the needs of any dietary support that you may need.


Community + Connection

Coming together with like minded people creates a safe space for you to evolve & heal. Community brings our collective ideas to life. We celebrate diversity and encourage one another on this journey. Together we can grow in mind, body & spirit.


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Private Room Option

*Private Room Option. You prefer to relax and unwind while having a space of your own to come back to. There are simple private rooms and luxury private rooms.

Private Pool

Shared Room Option

*Shared Room Option. You will be paired with another retreat attendee. If you know someone attending you may request to room with a specific person. If not, roommates will be intentionally & mindfully selected. (Shared room can be both 2 or 3 people Price varies upon your request.)

*Pricing includes lodging, food, all experiences, classes, excursions and transportation to and from the airport. **Flight is NOT included. Each individual attendee is responsible for booking their own flight. In order to participate in the scheduled travel to the resort, please arrive at the Cancun airport no later than 2pm. Official check in begins at 3pm. There will be a couple of scheduled drivers to accommodate various groups arriving.


*Upon purchase please list any dietary restrictions and requests that we need to be aware of.

Return Kindness | Welcome to our pay it forward program

This is our version of a scholarship program. In my years of hosting retreats and events I have noticed a great need to pay it forward. The more aligned I become with incredible people living to pay it forward, the more I know how much this option is appreciated. Returning Kindness by paying it forward provides others an experience they would not have without the support of a loving community providing a way for people to attend that otherwise would not be able to. At one time or another you’ve desired to participate in something but you didn’t have the funds. We never want funds to be the reason someone cannot participate in the journey back to themselves. 


If you feel called to Return Kindness you may do so by donating any amount. Donations start at $100 and any amount above will be accepted and added to our Pay It Forward Fund.

Your pay it forward donation has been received!

Yoga at Home

Nominate A Deserving Human | Know someone who deserves to be treated to a life changing experience? Is that person you?

Thanks to generous kind human beings we are able to treat deserving people to an experience that absolutely transforms their lives. If you know someone, or that’s you, we invite you tell us why below.


*Please be as detailed as possible when making this nomination. We do not take gifting someone with these experiences lightly. Really think about this submission. Be as detailed as possible. Why does this person deserve to attend? What will they get out of it? How will it transform their lives? How will it make them a better and more connected person?  Serious submissions ONLY. All serious submissions will be considered by our board and will be given ample time to plan ahead for attendance.

Your pay it forward donation has been received!

Become A Retreat Affiliate


Do you love these experiences? Do you want to be rewarded for sharing these experiences with others?


What is the itinerary of a typical day?

To add a new Each day will vary just a bit. But for a standard day you can expect breakfast, a movement activity, down time, lunch, an experience, dinner and free evenings. There will be a special dinner out together and you will know plenty of time ahead to plan for which evening this will be taking place.question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Will I have any down time to myself?

Yes. You will have downtime each day to do as you wish. What makes this a luxury retreat? Everything about this retreat is luxury. From being picked up at the airport by our drivers to being whisked away to a stunning 5* eco chic resort in paradise. You will receive a beautiful experience designed to invigorate all of your senses. From fine cuisine to breathtaking adventures and experiences led by expert teachers. Lush private spa services and excellent service for your entire stay.

Do I have to participate in every activity?

Participating in all activities is not mandatory but in order for you to get the most of your experience we highly suggest participating in every group activity. We have intentionally designed the entire retreat experience to be a journey of bringing your senses to life and bringing you home to yourself. In order to do this, we invite you to participate in every aspect of this retreat. Should you choose to sit out and rest, we will honor that.

Can my spouse come?

Yes. Your spouse can absolutely come. That is if you will be able to fully show up for yourself to receive the healing that you are meant to receive.

Is there a group discount?

Yes. There is a group discount for 5 or more people. What other amenities/activities are available outside of what is included in the retreat? Tulum is full of adventure and pleasure. You are more than welcome to explore the city. We do however suggest that you do not go exploring alone.

Is alcohol included in the price?

No. Alcohol is not included in your stay. It is however available on the property. We don’t believe in deprivation but in moderation. If you have specific health or personal goals and would like support around not drinking during your time with us, please let us know. We are happy to offer some fresh healthy options.

is airfare included in the price?

No. Airfare is not included. You will need to purchase airfare in a timely manner to accommodate your travel.

May I book additional spa services?

Absolutely! A one hour massage is included in your package. Additional massages, facials or reflexology will be $90 per hour. You can upgrade your included massages in your retreat package to a Mayan Healing session for $45.

How long will it take to get from the airport to the resort?

2 hours south on the coast.

What is the minimum age to attend the retreat?

This retreat is open to individuals 18+

Are both men and women welcome to attend?

Yes. Men and women are both welcome during this retreat.

Can my business become a sponsor for the retreat?

Yes. We are currently accepting aligned sponsors. If you feel that your business is a good fit please email information to info@malorieavaline.com

Can I explore Tulum on my own separate from the retreat?

Of course! We have many fun activities and experiences planned that are included in the price you pay. We believe we have done a beautiful job to create an expansive experience that will allow you to experience the full magic of Tulum.

Are there travel restrictions to and from Mexico?

Mexico does not currently have any travel restrictions. You may need to check with your own local and state health officials to find out return restrictions in your area.

Will there be other optional activities I can participate in?

Yes. There are other spa services as well as local experiences that you are welcome to participate in. All additional activities outside of what is on our itinerary will be at cost to you.

What will be the transportation from the airport to the retreat?

We have private drivers reserved to take groups of people to the retreat together.

What separate costs, if any, am I responsible for?

The only costs that you yourself will be responsible for would be souvenirs, experiences outside of the retreat itinerary and gratuity to the resort staff which we highly encourage.The retreat encourages american dollars to be used on site.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of retreats and events there will be absolutely no refunds on deposits or money paid towards the retreat. We do however understand that life happens and sometimes we are unable to attend something that we once thought would work out. In this case we ask for a written request that your money paid be put toward a future retreat. You can do so by emailing info@malorieavaline.com

What is the protocol should I test positive for Covid before returning home and need to stay?

The resort will comp your room and you will have a place to stay. You will be asked to remain in your room until your return home.


Active & resort wear clothing. You’ll be moving your body and in the sun! Bring plenty of options. We will have a couple of nice dinners if you want to pack upscale resort wear. Be comfortable and be you. Whatever you feel your best in. Plenty of swimsuits!




Yoga Mat


Comfortable shoes to explore in

Small backpack or hip pack