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Do you want this coming year to be a repeat of years past or are you ready for REAL change?

It's time for you to take responsibility for the way you show up.


My 6 week transformative course is NOW AVAILABLE and it is designed to transform you from the inside out.

 We Start MONDAY, DEC 28TH

Go into this New Year claiming your life!

I'm here to help you take it ALL OFF.

Every belief that is keeping you stuck. Every old story. Don't go into another year thinking you are going to create something different without making the necessary changes required.


It's your responsibility to do the work to heal yourself so that you are able to show up and serve the way only you can.

This course is for you if:

(any or many of the following)

You know you are on the cusp of something greater.


What you're currently doing isn't working.

You've tried other methods of healing with no significant change.

You're ready to create a life you love.

You're ready to be truly happy.

You're done waiting on someone else to save you.

You're ready to fully feel what it's like to love yourself.

You're ready to own your worth and manifest more money.

You're ready to strip away old habits and beliefs.

You're tired of looking at everyone else's life and thinking "when's it my turn?"

Are You Ready To STRIP IT ALL AWAY and really TRANSFORM your life?



WHO this course is for: 

Women who are ready to strip off the beliefs that are keeping them from creating and living the life they desire. Women who know they have gifts to bring to the world but you've yet to tap into your own power to create what you desire. “The Naked Collective” is about stripping it all away. The heaviness of your past, the guilt that you carry from the mistakes you've made, the limiting thoughts that keep you trapped and often times recognizing the people that it’s time for you to set boundaries with.

 This is for women who want to live in alignment and with purpose & passion.

Women who are ready to stand in their confidence and BE SEEN. Women who are ready to step into their gifts.


WHAT you are going to get: 6 weeks of structured course work with a specific weekly topic and action steps that align with our weekly topic. 6  weekly group video calls. that will take place on a specific day each week.  Access to the private Naked Collective Group where you can talk openly in a safe supportive space designed for the women going through this transformation together. I'm going to personally help you get on track to achieving a specific goal and get rid of specific habits you are ready to release. PLUS: Meditations, sound healing, healing through movement & an in person group session. You're going to get accountability while you work through your healing, raise your awareness and transform your mind.


WHAT you will learn: *How to target & release fear.  *Understand the stories you have on replay that are keeping you stuck. *Rewrite new stories that support your life and goals.  *How to make intentional connections & cultivate lasting relationships. *How to turn obstacles into opportunities.  *How to manifest the future you desire into your reality. *How to take MASSIVE action. *How to create abundance & flow. 

And... so much more. 


WHERE This course in entirely online. That's the beauty of it. You will be able to connect with other women from all over who are taking their power back and creating a life they love. *I will be hosting a special evening for everyone who completes this transformative journey. 

It's time you stop wishing for the life you desire.


It's time TO STOP STOPPING YOURSELF. Get out of your own way. 


I have poured years of work from my heart and soul into creating solid course work with action steps that are going to help you break through limiting beliefs and start creating the life you desire. It's time to demystify "waking up" and get into action to create the awareness you seek. Maybe you are someone who knows you have limiting beliefs but you need help discovering the source of them so you can break through them. Or maybe you are a woman who doesn't think you have major blocks but for some reason you are drawn to this course. You know there is something here that could change you forever. Something in you likes the idea of living in a bold authentic way.


This is for you. 


To live a life that is truly authentic means to be an original. To be real. It means that you are standing in your truest personality and character. So often the women I work with feel they are not living their most authentic lives to EVERYONE in their lives. Maybe you feel the most YOU in one area that no one really gets to see. Or maybe you have shown glimpses of the truest YOU to people but you have not boldly stepped out to claim what you desire for your life. 


The Naked Collective is designed to help you do just that. I am going to help you target the thoughts that are holding you captive. I am going to teach you the power of release. You will experience healing. Then, with my guidance, you are going to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to go out there and create the life you dream of.







And most of all, you will be free of the old stories that have kept you stuck for years.

The Naked Collective begins Monday December 28. 


Don't go into another year wishing you would have made a change.


Your life isn't going to look different until you make different choices. Now is your chance. Evolve or remain the same?

Limited spots available.


Still not sure?

Have more questions?

If you would like to talk with me one on one to find out more about this transformative experience, I invite you to book a complimentary 15 minute call with me. Just click below and set up a time to talk.