WHO this course is for

Women who are ready to strip off the beliefs that are keeping them from creating and living the life they desire. “The Naked Collective” is about taking it all off. The heaviness of your past, the limiting thoughts that keep you trapped and often times even the people that it’s time for you to set boundaries with or even eliminate from your life completely. 

WHAT you are going to get

12 weeks of structured course work with a specific weekly topic. 12 group video calls. 1 private 1 hour call. Access to the private Naked Collective group. I'm going to personally help you get on track to achieving a specific goal.

WHAT you will learn

1. How to target & release fear.

2. How to make intentional connections & cultivate lasting relationships.

3. How to turn obstacles into opportunities.

4. How to manifest the future you desire into your reality.

5. How to take MASSIVE action. And... so much more. 


This course in entirely online. That's the beauty of it. In coaching women from all across the county, this is the first opportunity to connect face to face regularly.

It's time you stop wishing for the life you desire. It's time TO STOP STOPPING YOURSELF. Get out of your own way.

I have poured my heart and soul into creating solid course work that is absolutely going to help you break through limiting beliefs and start creating the life you desire. Maybe you are someone who knows you have limiting beliefs but you need help discovering the source of them so you can break through them. Or maybe you are a woman who doesn't think you have major blocks but for some reason you are being drawn to this course. Something in you likes the idea of living in an Unapologetic Authentic way. Then this is for you. 

Entrepreneur | Mentor | Speaker.

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