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We’ve all heard it, proximity is power. Being fully immersed in an experience is what generates the most change. You are what you surround yourself with. Imagine being in an incredible home environment, with 10 like minded women who are seeking to reach their fullest potential, the very speakers that you are listening to on stage at The Collective Conference are sitting down talking with you face to face in your living room. You will be doted on with gifts designed just for you. Wake up to a private chef cooking you the most phenomenal breakfast. The energy is high. The environment is beautiful. The conversations that are taking place are actually providing you the tools to MOVE your life in the direction you deeply desire it to go.


This is the Immersive Mentor House. It has been intentionally designed for women who are ready to step in to their potential. Women who KNOW they were created for more in this life. Women who desire to create and leave a LEGACY. Women who are ready to take what they learned and INSPIRE others.


There are a lot of cheap seats in this world. A lot of opportunity to be a spectator of others success. I have a good feeling that’s not you.  If you are even considering investing in this experience, then I believe that you are READY to EVOLVE your life and live at the NEXT LEVEL. Join me, my speakers, mentors, coaches and 10 women for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Here’s the deal. I was told by experts (my coaches and mentors) in this field to put a price of $1500 minimum on this unique opportunity. MINIMUM. These speakers alone charge thousands for one on one time with them. This home, your chef, your curated gifts. The EXPERIENCE. It’s worth so much more than what my soul is telling me to offer it for.  But I know what it’s like to desire to be a part of something. I KNOW what it’s like for everything in me to be calling me to more. So, with all things considered, I have decided to put what I believe is a steal for an experience like this. 


Claim your spot now in the Immersive Mentor House for $999. 

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Meet Chef Liz. “I have a heart for service and have devoted my life to nurturing people through food and hospitality. Life wasn’t always this way. It took me many years and a ton of turmoil to realize that serving others through food was my calling. I grew up in a loving, yet beautifully broken home with two parents that had little more than a high school education. While there was love abound, we were poor, very poor, and this created incredible insecurity for me. Growing up  with the reality of financial insecurities, I became extremely conscious about never allowing myself to end up in that place. In fact, I did everything I could to avoid it. I became a hustler, a survivor and someone that I wasn't proud of. Today, by most people’s standards, I did finally "make it" in this culinary world.  But the insecurities didn’t go away. I was concerned that someone would find out that I was a fraud. But I wasn't a fraud! I was a woman who was passionate about serving others and it took me a little longer to realize it. I have a deep and thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful in my industry and that understanding comes from the years I spent creating business out of nothing. I want to help other women that feel like me. Those that struggle with the "impostor syndrome" are dear to my heart and I want to help them to see and understand that they can do anything they set their minds too.  


I look forward to serving each of you in the Immersive Mentor House. I’m even more excited to connect with you as one of your mentors! This is going to be an unforgettable life changing experience!”

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