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I started my podcast Your Truth Evolves because I craved a place to have the kind of authentic conversations I longed for. A place that felt judgment free. We're all on a different journey. Each of our Truth is ever evolving. This podcast is here to dive deep into the topics that seem taboo to most. When we say no topic is off limits, we mean it!


Just as your Truth has evolved so has this podcast. It's grown into a truly conscious community that provides real support and it's ever expanding. I bring you stories, experience, education, interviews, expert advice and a safe place to lay it all down as you allow your own personal Truth to evolve.

Topics you can expect: God, Spirituality, Holy Texts, Consciousness, Universal Law, World Religion, Sex, Metaphysical Healing, Trauma, Alternative Healing, Manifestation, Plant Medicine, Traditional & Non Traditional Relationships, Parenting and so much more!


Meet Gem

Jennifer Salyer is better known as Gempiner or Gem as we call her. Gem is a multimillionaire, business woman, investor, landlord and all-around conscious creatress. Driven by wanderlust she is an experienced world traveler. She splits her time between Oklahoma City and Aspen and you can find her most days walking around her loft naked, reading books, studying consciousness, and sending love to the world. But please don't try to find her. She prefers her solitude. 


Meet Natasha

Natasha Langhans has her Masters in Psychotherapy and is currently studying to obtain her PhD in Clinical Sexology. Natasha is originally from LA and has found Oklahoma City the place she calls home. She specializes in all sorts of relationships, intimacy and yes... Sex! I've never met a woman who can hold space for your deepest, most intimate thoughts. If she's not having a serious conversation with you that will make you rethink your entire life, you can find her shaking her booty and dancing her way through the day. She's here to shake you up and also make you smile til your face hurts!

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As a pastors kid and someone who spent the last 10 years unraveling "borrowed beliefs" and rediscovering what Truths resound in my own life so that I can fulfill my own calling, I find myself exptrememly choosy of whose teachings I listen to. It's been a hot minute since someone spoke so precisely on the Truth I myself have found over the years. When I tell you this beautiful soul is on fire right now, I don't say that casually! If you feel lost in the world right now, if something doesn't feel right about the religious conditionings of your childhood and you're looking to evolve into a higher consciousness, I URGE you to listen to Malorie's podcast and see what all she is doing to spread such a profound and needed message!

- Ali

Pure Power!! I had the pleasure of being on this show. Speaking to Malorie and hearing her Truth and power - being able to speak about different perspectives, a relatable experience and incredibly inspiring! I highly recommend following this podcast. If you are craving liberation... You found the right place!


- Tyler David

Malorie has done a magnificent job designing this highly energetic container for her podcast. It is truly inspiring to listen to not only her but her special guest speakers on the show. Each one of her guests show you in their own light sharing not only their own personal stories but knowledge that everyone can benefit from for our very own evolution. Thank you for creating this magical space, it's lovely!

- Love & Miracles, LoLo

I can relate to Malorie so much. She speaks authenticity & truth every time she opens her mouth. She strives to help women rise up with wanting nothing in return. I love sending her podcasts to my team & giving them someone real to relate to. If you haven't listened to Malorie's podcast you're missing out!


- Jennifer I.

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