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Metaphysically Speaking

A place to get curious and be encouraged on your path.

Welcome to Metaphysically Speaking!  The podcast where authenticity meets evolution! 

When I originally launched my podcast it was because I craved genuine conversations. I wanted a sanctuary where judgment is left at the door. We're all on diverse journeys, and our Truths are constantly evolving. I found myself in a place in life where it didn't feel safe to get curious and ask the questions I wanted answers to. Historically my podcast has been a place where no topic is off-limits, and my episodes have become a lifeline for people worldwide, delving deep into the taboo and the transformative.

The evolution doesn't stop there! As my podcast has grown, so has the conscious community it fosters. Now, get ready for the next exciting chapter as I welcome a full-time co-host to the show...  the incredible Zetti Carnell! Zetti, a Metaphysical Minister, singer/songwriter, and former pastor. She is bringing her passion for higher consciousness and profound wisdom directly to you.

Together, we'll explore God, Spirituality, Holy Texts, Consciousness, Universal Law, World Religion, Relationships, Sex, Metaphysical Healing, Trauma, and so much more. Our conversations are a tapestry of stories, experiences, education, expert advice, and a safe space for you to lay it all down and lean into your curiosity as your own personal Truth continues to evolve.

Tune in wherever you get your podcasts. Look out soon for our new TikTok channel for powerful shareable clips and insights that will ignite your curiosity and spark your journey to higher consciousness. Your Truth is waiting to be expressed – let the evolution continue!

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Launching Early 2024

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