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The Naked Collective


Because healing in community is far more effective than trying

to heal alone.

Enrollment for the next round of The Naked Collective is open! We begin this 12 week journey April 1, 2024. 

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What is The Naked Collective?

For decades, our modern way of living has had a relentless focus on achievement based living. On seemingly tangible analytical and ego driven measures, such as competition, comparison and unachievable ides of success. So much pressure on how we show up as women, as sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, friends and women seeking professional achievements.

What if your life could be more pleasurable? What if you learned how to welcome your emotions with grace and experience more divine outcomes? Imagine your life with a greater sense of flow, ease and self empowerment. Imagine an inner calm that is both unshakeable and unbreakable.

Your mind has been in charge for way too long.

It's time to learn to live from the heart.


How would it feel to live from your Divine self instead of your divided self?

The Naked Collective has been designed to move you through your deepest pain, your innermost thoughts and to the highest place of a greater sense of ease and flow in your life. Through this 12 week group program you have the opportunity to stop sacrificing your mental health, your physical health and the health of your relationship with yourself in order to uphold values that your past has ingrained in you about your worth.

Through this program I invite you to closely analyze your inherited belief systems and how you operate in life. I will teach you how to master your mind and live from your heart. I will teach you the power of expressing your emotions and be fully held in them.

It's time to redefine your life

Many women are feeling a great shift. They've done it all alone for far too long. The Truth is we are heading into a new paradigm of multidimensional heart centered living. Old paradigms are falling away and we are being invited to do things differently. It's time to let go of the long held resistance and daily struggles that hold you back from living your most authentic and most fully expressed life! You are being invite to stop doing it all alone and allow support to guide you.

Connecting with like minded women.

Many women that I work with come to me with deep sister wounds. Wounds caused by experiences in their lives with other women that leave them feeling as if they cannot trust other women or that if they allow themselves to be vulnerable they will get hurt or be taken advantage of.

What is a sister wound and how do we end up operating in them?

Sister wounds come from the unhealed little girl inside of you. The little girl that didn't feel seen, heard or understood. 

If you saw your mother or grandmother have difficult times being in relationship with other women you were seeing a living example of sister wounds.

Sister wounds create women who generate mistrust, fear and rejection towards other women. 

When you heal your sister wounds you are finally able to remember the magic of what it is to be a woman who is surrounded by fierce sisters who love, support and uplift her.

YOU DON'T HEAL your sister wounds, until YOU HEAL YOURSELF.

Through all of my programs, workshops & live events I teach women the power of real SELF LOVE. We do this through self acceptance, self forgiveness and getting clear on our core values and what we are committed to creating in our lives.

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What do you get from this program?

  • A safe space to fall apart

  • Aligned Community

  • A place where you will be fully seen, fully heard and fully held in all of your vulnerability

  • Deep intentional conversations where no topic is off limit

  • A safe space to share the things you've been too afraid to share anywhere else

  • Fierce support and accountability on your healing journey

  • Full attention from aligned women who are seeking the same results as you

  • A safe space with no humiliation or chances to feel abandoned

  • Compassionate care & guidance in a sacred space 

  • Real sisterhood

Included In This Course

  • 12 Weeks Group Coaching Sessions + Discussion.

  • This is an online program and you can log in from anywhere in the world.

  • Each month we will have 3 weeks of sessions with the 4th week being an integration week.

  • Each week will provide an in depth topic that will demand shifts in mindset.

  • Deep Integration - Through Soul Work & Pods you will connect deeply with the other women participating

  • Learn how to go from Victim to Victor

  • Learn how to be the calm amongst the chaos

  • Get rid of people pleasing and over giving once and for all

  • Learn deep self trust

  • Learn to express your emotions and be held in your vulnerability

  • Learn to trust the support from other women

  • Unleash your deepest desires

  • Learn how to give yourself grace as you evolve into the fullest version of yourself

  • Learn to move beyond rejection and into full acceptance

  • *Opportunity for an in person dinner celebration to close out our time together.


Your investment for this 12 week program: 

The first two groups of women that have participated inThe Naked Collective have experienced massive transformation, deep healing and liberation.

If you are looking for an aligned group of women that are spiritually sound, curious and will welcome you with open arms as you commit to transforming your life, I've got a spot for you!

You can reserve your spot for this 12 week journey today for only $99.


If you have further questions and wish to speak to me personally, please book a time on my calendar below.

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