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How to stay grounded during uncertain times. (Or any time)

  • Daily Spiritual Practices - This is the most important thing we can do for ourselves to stay grounded in truth and to bring us a feeling of peace.

For me this is means starting each day the same way. My mornings look like waking up before my children. You mamas know that once the children are up, your "me time" is out of the door. I make 25 ounces of fresh water. Yep. Before coffee. Up early, water, prayer, read, meditation, journal and music. Not always in the same order. And not always do all of those things happen in the same sitting. Buuuuut.... sometimes all of them. (and extra of them if the kids sleep in.) This connects me with me and me connected means me tuning out the world and connecting to God first thing. When I sleep in late or my days are rushed, I feel disconnected. So my morning spiritual routine is the most important part of my day.

  • Do Less Of What Makes You Feel Like Crap - You would think this is a no brainer right? Wrong. Just think of how many times you have fallen in to old habits even though they don't feel good.

The past few months for me this has looked like less alcohol. Ya girl LOVES some red wine. And occasionally a good crisp white in the summer months. But lately I've been focusing on clearing my vessel. (aka this body that houses our soul) I've personally felt called to cleanse my body. This has meant a lot more water intake daily, less caffeine, healthier food choices and very little alcohol. I also pulled myself off of the last Rx medication I was on which was adderall. If you're wondering, YES! I feel 100% better being off of it.

Start to ask yourself: "Does this support how I want to feel?" If the answer is no than you should do less of that thing. Examples of areas you can do this in; Social Media, Daily Food Intake, Media Consumption, The Shows You Are Watching, The Friends You Surround Yourself With.

  • Have Non Negotiables and Stick To Them - Learn to keep promises to yourself.

It's no secret that I love social media and how it connects all of us. But that began to become a problem. I was consumed with missing something. I wanted to be available to people that were asking me important questions or I would tell myself that I need to post at a certain time in order to receive the best engagement. I was so focused on gaining new clients and posting the right thing that I was giving over entirely too much time and attention. It consumed me and I hated it. So many people spend so much time on social media that they aren't engaged in the very things in their own life that make them feel the very best.

One of my non negotiables for myself is NO PHONE BEFORE MY MORNING ROUTINE. That means no social media, no emails, no text messages. No one gets my time and attention before God does. Ever. This was one of the best decisions that I made for myself. I've done this for over a year now and it feels Sooooooo good!

I'll leave you with this. We're facing incredibly unique times as a world right now. You will never be able to show up and serve if you are not first grounded in who you are. Recognize where you are letting yourself down and start to make changes to support yourself and your well being more. When you are in tune with who God uniquely designed you to be, you will stop falling in line with everyone else and you will be able to stand strongly in your truth.

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