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Losing My Religion

Well hello there. Clearly I don't blog often. I've only published ONE. I spend most of my time these days with clients or in class. Yes class! I'm school to become a New Thought Minister. Yes me, a minister. This is just the beginning of my journey of becoming a Doctor of Divinity.

I know many people like myself have struggled with religious abuse or the residual effects that region leaves. (when you leave it.)

I decided that I wanted to share something with you. I hope you enjoy.

Recently in my Ministerial class I was given the assignment to write a paper on a book we were reading. When I sat down to write it flowed out of me like water.

This is what is was....

That's me in the corner

That's me in the spot-light

Losing my religion

Trying to keep up with you

And I don't know if I can do it

Oh no I've said too much

I haven't said enough

I’ll never forget the day I denounced religion publicly on a live video that ended up going viral on fb. I woke up the next day with a sense of freedom. I spoke my Truth. MY Truth. Little did I know that speaking my Truth would get so much of a profound response. When I got into my inbox later that day I had over 200 messages from people telling me how much they relate to the very Truth I spoke. And that felt good. It felt good to pillar of light and Truth for people who felt the same way that I had for so many years. What didn’t feel good was the flood of messages I received afterwards telling me that I was going crazy and asking what was wrong with me. My mother called me to ask if I was ok. She wanted to know what promoted this very sudden… at it was sudden, desire to speak out so boldly and so publicly. She told me family members were calling her asking “what’s gotten into Malorie? Why is she speaking like that about her family and the church she grew up in? Why was is she trying to ruin people’s lives by going public with her story. Doesn’t she know the damage that causes?”

This was confusing to me. I wasn’t trying to ruin anyone’s lives. I was simply seeking my own liberation and I couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

This brings me to the first of 3 points I want to speak on today. Fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of repercussions. Fear of someone else’s differences.

The dictionary defines fear as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Interesting. Whether a fear is real or imagined the brain says YES. And agrees that it is in fact fear.

In the book Buddha’s Brain, The practical neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom it says this…

(In reference to fear and division) Economic and cultural factors certainl